Welcome to the Arts 

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The Sainte Genevieve Art Guild brings together artists and people who love art. 

The goal of the Guild is to promote creative expression, as well as maintain the history and legacy of the creative spirits who have lived and worked in this area before us.  

We welcome amateur and professional artists of all persuasions – fine artists, thespians, musicians, photographers, graphic artists, as well as those who consider themselves patrons of the arts.  As a well-established network for artists, the Sainte Genevieve Art Guild provides a close-knit environment where artists can learn, share ideas and test their talents.

In recent years, the Guild has partnered with community groups, such as the Ste. Genevieve Downtown Renewal Project (SGDRP), a Main Street affiliate, who shares our belief in the role art can play in revitalizing a community.   SGDRP is the proud sponsor of the 4th Friday Art Walk.



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Sainte Genevieve Art Guild Exhibits at the Sainte Genevieve Winery

2017 Schedule:

June - July "Five Years and Counting", celebrating  our art and wine partnership

June 23rd 4th Friday Featured Artist - Larry Braun

July - August  "Eclipse and Beyond", interpretations of our celestial connections

July 28th 4th Friday Featured Artists Tracy Parkhurst and Victoria Gallagher Cummings

August- September  "One Subject, Two Views" gives two artists portrayals of the same thing

August 25th 4th Friday Featured Artist - Iris Vincent and Louise Marler

September - October "Plein Air Traditions" highlights open air paintings

September 22nd 4th Friday Featured Artist - Dave Carter