Welcome to the Arts 

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The Sainte Genevieve Art Guild brings together artists and people who love art. 

The goal of the Guild is to promote creative expression, as well as maintain the history and legacy of the creative spirits who have lived and worked in this area before us.  

We welcome amateur and professional artists of all persuasions – fine artists, thespians, musicians, photographers, graphic artists, as well as those who consider themselves patrons of the arts.  As a well-established network for artists, the Sainte Genevieve Art Guild provides a close-knit environment where artists can learn, share ideas and test their talents.

In recent years, the Guild has partnered with community groups, such as the Ste. Genevieve Downtown Renewal Project (SGDRP), a Main Street affiliate, who shares our belief in the role art can play in revitalizing a community.   SGDRP is the proud sponsor of the 4th Friday Art Walk.



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D'IMAJJ Gallery Offers 'Art du Jour' For 2016 Jour de Fete

'Art du Jour' will be on the menu at the August 13-14 Jour de Fete, in a special show at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center.

Artists from the D'IMAJJ Gallery...whose work is exhibited at the  historic Jean-Baptiste Valle House...will mount a special show of 'mini' works at the Welcome Center throughout the festival.

"Think of the works as tapas...those small plate samplings you find at great restaurants," artist Mary Peura said. "For this show each artist is a kind of chef who's created tasty bits that are fresh and fun...just like tapas. That's why we're calling it 'Art du Jour.'"

The art ranges in size from about 1 inch by two inches up to about 8 by 10 inches.

D'IMAJJ artists include Donna Hart, Iris Vincent, Mary Peura (voted the town's favorite artist in a recent poll), Anita Alsup, Jan Kraus, and Jean Rissover.

The hours for the show will be the same as the Welcome Center hours.

Larger work by the group remains on display at the Jean Baptiste Valle House--part of the Bolduc House Museum Properties, owned and maintained by the National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Missouri.

That unique historic property is available to rent as a venue for special events. Call 1-573-883-3105 for information.